The team Platige Image (a production company that worked on the video game series developed by CD Projekt RED, involved in its creation) announced that Netflix is working on a series based on the Witcher saga by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Netflix is working on The Witcher TV Series


“Andrzej Sapkowski has created a rich and unforgettable world – on the one hand full of magic, and yet so familiar. We are extremely excited that we will be able to show the world our users, “ – says Erik Barmack of Netfliksa.

Sam Sapkowski is also enthusiastic:

“I am glad that my adaptation Netflix will create stories for fans, fidelity to the source material and themes, writing which spent more than thirty years. I am extremely satisfied with our cooperation and team, which coincided with the task of reviving the heroes of my books. “

Sapkowski draws attention to the show’s faithfulness stories. Among others, the author himself is working on the creation of this production. Its executive producers are Sean Daniel and Jason Brown. Among the artists you will see work of Jarosław Sawko and Tomasz Bagiński (known mainly from the Cathedral and Legend Polish Allegro). They will take care of the special effects.

A lot of material, surprising and funny characters and fascinating world – these features make the creators now plan to release not one, but a few seasons of the show, which “tells the story of an unconventional family that is united in the struggle for the truth in a dangerous world.” Baginski adds that “the story of today and the challenges hidden under the guise of fantasy. It’s a story about us – about the monster and the hero of which is present in all of us. “

The creators apparently even got 20 or 30 million US dollars for each subsequent season (for the first season, Netflix will also spend “several” millions).

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