Through Twitter, Netflix today announced The Witcher: Blood Origin, a spin-off from The Witcher saga, set 1200 years before the events of Geralt de Rivia, where the worlds of monsters, men and elves merged into one (an event called The Conjunction of the Spheres), and the first “Witcher” was born.

“The Conjunction of the Spheres is a cataclysm that took place 1,500 years before the events narrated in the novels, trapping various” unnatural “creatures in this dimension, including ghuls, graveirs, and vampires.

The elves claim that it was during this time that humans first appeared, after their own world had been destroyed. Humans would not settle on the Continent until many centuries later. ”

The Witcher: Blood Origin will consist of six episodes and Declan de Barra (writer of one of the episodes of The Witcher) and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich are in charge of this new TV show.

The Witcher: Blood Origin does not yet have an estimated release date, but the second season of The Witcher will be available in 2021 and will consist of eight episodes.


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