The folks at Candyland bring us a graphical comparison of the Need for Speed ​​PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox version of One, recalling that the version of the Sony console reached a resolution 1080p versus 900p on console of Microsoft, in terms of frames per second both being limited to 30 FPS.

Need for Speed ​​on Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4


PS4 seems to have a slightly higher resolution. Both versions have minor problems with popping objects. Xbox One version suffers from loading textures. Sometimes objects need to load for seconds (which is the reason why I nearly got a false impression about graphical differences). Xbox One version seems to have framedrops. Also, there is a difference in the rain textures on the ground. While ground textures seem more crips on Xbox One, the ground on PS4 is more covered with water where you can see the raindrops hitting the puddles. Also, lighting seems to be a little bit better on PS4. Still, we are waiting for the PC version for the real comparison to see what the studio has changed.

P.S: Motion blur on Xbox One looks kinda strange in my opinion. Both consoles have their good and awful parts tho. Xbox has better bumpmaps on textures and ps4 has a better look in general (not as washed out as it looks on xbox).

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