Electronic Arts has been one of the developers in the sector of loot box controversy. That is why, in recent releases, the company has decided to set aside this type of microtransaction, and it seems that the case of Need For Speed ​​Heat will be the same.

This has been confirmed by the company itself in a statement, indicating that Need For Speed ​​Heat “does not have and will never have loot boxes.” These are the words of Ben Walke, one of the representatives of Electronic Arts in social networks. With these statements, it seems that the developer wants to settle the situation regarding loot boxes, at least in her next title of the Need For Speed ​​franchise.

In this way, Electronic Arts begins to learn the lesson about this great controversy that has plagued the video game industry for so long. Finally, the developer will opt for the ‘traditional’ system to additionally monetize her video games, that is, through paid DLCs that will be coming out over the weeks and months, where we will find packs of new vehicles  or facilities to save time when collecting all the map collectibles.

Remember that Need For Speed ​​Heat will hit the market on November 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC.

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