Ghost and EA Games have a new trailer and screenshots set the new Need for Speed, in which they plan to recover the popularity of the franchise, when it will be released on November 3rd.

Need for Speed ​​- New Screenshots and Trailer


This new installment in the long-running series will feature a story mode based on five characters that represent different styles of play, supported by the return of the cinematic shot with real actors. EA also described each of these icons in a short list that explains the features of each:

Speed ​​Icon (Speed) – Magnus Walker collects and restores classic Porsche 911. He is known for his high-speed driving and push you to improve your reputation through adrenaline-fueled driving.

Icon Style (Style) – Ken Block is famous for his aggressive driving style, as shown in his phenomenal series of YouTube Gymkhana. Earn appreciation to master the art of precision skids and jumps through corners and on the streets.

Build Icon (Tuneado) – Nakai-san is the founder Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB), a world-renowned company of tuning and customization. Focus on creating the perfect custom vehicle to get impress.

Crew Icon (Team) – The Risky Devil team are infamous drift. These guys are the kings of driving in proximity and control. Leads in herds, a few inches away from hitting while grip with accurate and drift wild traction control.

Icon Outlaw (Outlaw) – A Morohoshi-san does not matter how you categorize people, he just does what he wants. It is usually seen in the streets at night, tossing and turning in your personal car. Risk it all while annoying and you run away from the cops to get her attention.




Ghost Games promises to be a dynamic meeting the different icons, offering a different experience for each player history. Need for Speed ​​will be released on next generation consoles and our PC, and runs on Frostbite 3.

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