The release date draws near, and so far, the gameplay of the new Need for Speed ​​was almost a mystery, but as the small sample in order to maintain the heat we have some Gameplays from E3.

Today, YouTube channels LPN05 GTA Wise Guy and delight posted the extensive five gameplay videos where we see the deep customization of vehicles and two gameplay modes. The first is about a Nissan 180sx skidding like a madman in the ever-drifting effective competition. Recalling the great moments of Underground.

Need for Speed ​​- New Gameplay Videos Show Two Game Modes


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In the other video’s turn to a classic Porsche 911 1974, ready to tear the asphalt with all its power, in a classic checkpoints contest.


In the latter LPN05 German channel video, we see customizing of five different cars:


Need for Speed ​​will be released on November 3. It is clear that these videos are recorded from Console. Frostbite 3 never disappoints, so we’ll see such acts on the PC too.

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