Sony confirmed the development of a new high-end console earlier this week during E3 session after a long time since it was rumored. The tech giant didn’t revealed its new PlayStation Neo during E3 press conference and will be revealing it very soon.

Need for PlayStation Neo is to Stop Main Audience from Shifting to PCs

While speaking to The Guardian, Sony’s President Andrew House revealed some of the motivational grounds on which the need for a new 4K capable PlayStation Neo was observed. Here’s what he said regarding the new console;

“We did think there was an opportunity to reflect on the traditional lifecycle, and on 4K technology, and say maybe there’s an opportunity, within the course of a normal lifecycle to offer something else, something a little bit better, for a segment of the market that feels that this is important”

“We’ve traditionally seen that some of the core audience tends to gravitate back to high-end PCs at some point because these are the people who want the finest graphical performance. So here’s a great opportunity to have them stay within our ecosystem.”

Sony is yet to reveal the new PlayStation Neo officially with the release time frame, price and specifications.

Previous console from Sony lasted around 7 long years while the PlayStation 4 needed hardware upgrades only 3 years after the release of standard version, which is the thing not many console users are fond of and some of them might actually dislike the step which Sony has taken. Stay tuned for more updates!

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