NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment announced that it was associated with harebrained Schemes to be the publisher of the indie game prepared for consoles, Necropolis, which will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through Steam by the developer itself. Necropolis combines third-person action in randomly generated dungeons to create a game that has a quick, addictive and fiendishly “hardcore” pace. These elements, combined with its amazing artistic design, scathingly and a cooperative mode that allows you to enter and exit a game easily. This game caught the attention of NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment America Inc. on last year PAX event.

Necropolis is delayed until mid-2016 – New Screenshots and Gameplay Trailer

To put it in simple words, we are impressed and excited when we discovered Necropolis in PAX East , ” said Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment. ” By mixing a 3D action game based on the use of different skills Roguelike gender, Necropolis never offers the same experience twice. If we add the particular mood and unique visuals you have, we are in this game with a perfect companion for fans of Dark Souls and a great addition to our portfolio of titles , “he added.

Jordan Weisman, Creative Director of harebrained Schemes said about this alliance. “We could not think of a better partner to help us bring the vision of our team Necropolis consoles. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.It is an incredible publisher who truly understands how to work with an independent study like ours.”

To focus on providing a consistent experience and quality for all platforms, harebrained Schemes decided to change the release date of the game for PC that was originally scheduled for March 17. Instead, Necropolis now will simultaneously launch game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One midyear, exact date to be announced soon. “Truly hated to move the date, but we know from experience that making a release on consoles adds a significant amount of development work ,” said the president of harebrained Schemes’ Mitch Gitelman. “we believe that this is definitely the right decision and that the extra time will be even better Necropolis for consoles and PC. ” Harebrained Schemes will continue to publish their own the title on Steam, while BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will release Necropolis for Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

In Necropolis, you play as a nameless adventurer trying to escape from jail with a magical life that changes shape with every new level. You have to create weapons, use the best possible equipment, operate and fight to stay alive while you get into this dungeon and face increasingly powerful enemies. Do not doubt it; you will die many times! But with every death you have a chance to improve your combat skills.

Necropolis, DEATH IS…

  • ¿Game Over? Get started in a new adventure with another character and try again!
  • EVERY NEW GAME WITH DIFFERENT. They offer a new randomly generated dungeon every time you start the game
  • Better with friends. Adventure alone or with up to 3 friends in a magical deathtrap that reconstructs itself each time you play.



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