Last week, Canadian actor Nathan Fillion teased the fans by hinting towards something related to the critical-acclaimed PlayStation exclusive Uncharted series.

It turns out that the speculations were true and fans will be getting to see some action just like it is featured in the popular video game, but there’s just one thing that it is not an actual movie. The actor has worked on live action fan film based on the story inspired by the game.

We have been hoping for the movie based on the famous series as it was promised by Sony back in 2009 and the same actor wished to play the role of Nathan Drake in that movie. Since then, we have no updates regarding that movie, however, we can enjoy the 14 minute long fan film which can be watched right below;

Fillion has played the role of Nathan Drake, along with Stephen Lang who played the role of his friend Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan in the game. The short film appears to be amazing and tells us how the Uncharted series can be covered in the form of a movie.

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What’s your take on the short fan film? Do you think that actor Nathan Fillion should be starred in the official Uncharted movie which was promised by Sony?