You see? Even the robots in the space require their advanced smartphones with latest technology. NASA announced its plan in an interview last week to Reuters where they described the use of these 3D Google smartphones in the space.

The next-generation 3D Google smartphones with 3D sensing technology are going to be the brains and eyes of the eye-balled robots on the International Space Station. You can compare it to a CPU.

Other than this advanced sensing technology, the smartphones will help Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites (SPHERES) which definitely will be time-saving for the astronauts.

We wanted to add communication, a camera, increase the processing capability, accelerometers, and other sensors. As we were scratching our heads thinking about what to do, we realized the answer was in our hands, Smart SPHERES project manager Chris Provencher said. Let’s just use smartphones.

For the enhancement and improvement of the robots, NASA chose the 3D Google smartphones for experimental purposes. These smartphones were created by Google to encourage innovation and is known as The Project Tango.

These Google-created smartphones have infrared depth sensor, used for detecting sharp angels in the space and this depth sensor creates a 3D map which assists SPHERES in navigating from one module to another.

This type of capability is exactly what we need for a robot that’s going to do tasks anywhere inside the space station, Mr. Provencher said. It has to have a very robust navigation system.

From my personal point of view, these 3D Google smartphones will undoubtedly be very time-saving for the daily astronauts and saved-time can be utilized for the productivity of something else.  Other than that, the robust navigation system will enhance the robots.

Hopefully, the experiment will be successful as Google specifically created the advanced smartphones for innovation and in accordance with the needs of NASA.

Some pictures of 3D Google smartphones:

3D Google Smartphones







3D Google Smartphones








3D Google Smartphones

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