It seems that soon Mozilla introduced an important change in the Firefox browser. The benefits to be bigger, but at the same time you will have to reckon with a certain side effect.

At the final stage of work it will reportedly support multi-function process. Each tab of Firefox will be treated by the system as a separate process. Although this is not a new solution, because for a long time, we have to deal with it even in Google Chrome.

Mozilla had planned to use this solution for a long time, but all the time it was delayed. After the closed testing now it will be implemented in the new version. When exactly? In April, with the release of Firefox 46.

According to test results gathered by Mozilla Platform Engineer Eric Rahm, users can expect Firefox to consume more memory under multi-process enabled versions of Firefox. However, according to his blog post, he noted that:

This seems like a fair tradeoff for potential security and performance benefits, but as we try to grow the number of content processes we’ll need to take another look at where that memory is being used.

The aim in this case is to improve the efficiency and stability of the browser. But the side effect is higher Ram consumption that can tease the owners of older computers. Mozilla says that it will grow by about an average of10-20%, sometimes a little more.

Source: gHacks

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