X99 motherboards are now one month away from the release, motherboard manufacturers start official blew. Till now two motherboards has been exposed from MSI side X99S SLI Plus and X99S Gaming AC , the former is all black design, and the Gaming one is in the red scheme now for Overclocker community MSI comes with MSI X99s Power AC Motherboard , the style is changed again this time in the Forest white scheme.

MSI X99s Power AC Exposed

MSI motherboard X99S Power AC

Of course, this does not mean white frost white PCB, Black and White scheme is looking really good creative design, on the whole motherboard a layer of frost, people immediately think of the LN2 Overclocking scene, while the motherboard meaning it goes without saying – it is designed for the extreme gamers and extreme Overclockers.

In terms of Specifications the MSI X99S Power AC motherboard is equipped with eight DDR4 memory slots, five PCI-E x16 slot, one PCI-E x1 slots, six SATA 6Gbps interface (two groups at different locations), two SATA Express interface, as well as Audio Boost audio technology, will also support the point of view from the name 802.11ac wireless.

Since the main purpose is Overclocking, X99S Power should also have some Overclocking features, BIOS should also have more features on the AC board, all have to wait for Haswell -E to know the ban.