MSI graphics card Cooler is now Twin Frozr 4, although very large amount of Graphic cards are equipped with MSI Twin Frozr III generation metal style, but Twin Frozr 4 radiators which also withstood the test of years, the cooling effect and performance is very good. Twin Frozr radiator looks like the next generation? MSI releases teaser for new Twin Frozr 5 GPU cooler.

The Twin Frozr 5 cooling solution will featured on the upcoming second Generation Graphics Cards GTX 980 and GTX 970.  This cooling solution will be implemented by various AIB partners such as Gigabyte, EVGA, Sapphire, etc.

MSI teases GTX 980 and GTX 970 GPUs With Next Generation Twin Frozr 5

MSI GeForce GTX 980 Twin Frozr 5

As shown above, Twin Frozr 5 renderings radiator would be like this, the card in which they will use this heatsink mostly would be Gaming series card, with red and black color scheme. The Top is decorated with MSI Dragon logo. We also see on the Chipset heatsink of Gaming Motherboards from MSI.

Still, we don’t know about the Fan Size, but it should be Dual Fan version. If we see the Twin Frozr 5 cooler closely, MSI uses an aluminum fin array, looking very large in size and this large design give us a hint that Twin Frozr 5 would be used in High-End Graphic Cards. There are total Six aluminum heatpipes which are run through the copper base and into the aluminum fin array to dissipate heat from the nickel-plated copper core contact base.

As for the appearance of the good-looking or not, everyone has its own taste and opinion, but in Twin Frozr 5 number of heat pipe are somewhat awkward.

MSI would first to use Twin Frozr 5 radiator on September. There are several rumors that AMD R9 285 or Nvidia Gtx 900 Series Graphic Cards would be equipped with Twin Frozr 5.

Do you like the new design?

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