Previously on 19th September Nvidia launched their Maxwell Second Generation Graphics include Cards Gtx 980 and Gtx 970, GM204 is fused on both cards. After the release of both High-End Cards of Maxwell architecture there are also several reports that Nvidia will also come with the more powerful variants shortly. It could be the dual-Core flagship or maybe the GTX 980Ti. Now the latest news from Foregin media confirmed that on recently launched both Maxwell Graphics Cards, MSI is not going to implement their Lightning cooler, they are waiting for more powerful variant of the Maxwell graphics card in favor of higher performance chips.

MSI Skips Lightning Cooler For Current Maxwell: Waiting for GTX 980Ti

MSI R9 290X Lightning

We know that GM204 is the new king and will stay in the market for some time. However, we know that GM204 is a chip derivative of the Kepler GK104 and Fermi GF104 family. NVIDIA has managed the tune the performance of these chips to match their counterparts flagship offerings and even their own and the result we have seen that the GTX 980 and GTX 970 coming out not only faster than the GeForce GTX 780 and 780 Ti but also more power efficient in terms of power.

If we talk about MSI Lightning cooler the cooler is equipped with two outer 9cm fans in the 3 axial fan radiator system has the black look while the middle 8cm fan has the yellow tone. The cooling system also supports an automatic dust removal mechanism which proves to be quite handy since the open fan cooling in cards does accumulate a lot of dust inside the heatsink and the fan axes and cleaning them turns out to be quite a pesky task therefore kudos for this feature on the Lightning cards. The large cooling solution along with 3 fans and a quite hefty heatsink takes shape of a 3 slot design which is acceptable considering the potentials of the Maxwell based GPUs this type of Cooler is more than enough but still MSI think about the more powerful chip for their cooler.

MSI themselves are saying that their Gaming Twin Frozr V cooling is more than enough for the current Maxwell based chips so there is no point of implementing their full king on those chips. Representatives of MSI said that they have not received any confirmed information from Nvidia regarding upcoming GPUs, but they are expecting a Geforce GTX 980 Ti or GTX 990 model in the coming months and they want to implement their lightning Cooling on it. So here MSI starts to spill the beans (kind of) by saying that they expect to see a more powerful Maxwell model in the near future.

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