MSI’s Graphic Cards lineup consists Lightning, Hawk and Gaming series and to distinguish between them, different colors are incorporated and the Gaming Series is featured with red and black color scheme. Now, MSI has decided to come up with something new, MSI will soon launch a limited edition of GTX 970 Gaming Gold Edition – it still features the Twin Frozr V cooler, but the color from the typical red and black into a Tyrant gold.

GTX 970 Gaming Gold Edition

KitGuru managed to catch a glimpse of the new card in Beat IT 2014. According to MSI the new Gold Edition TwinFrozr V cooler is overall more efficient than the regular version.

From the look the whole heatshink and heatpipes of Graphic Cards have been copper plated in order to match the colour combination with the Tyrant gold. On backplate there is an MSI Gaming signature dragon art design.

In terms of specifications, GTX 970 Gaming Gold Edition detailed specifications are unknown, allegedly frequency than conventional Gaming Edition would be higher, the latter’s core frequency has reached 1140MHz, accelerating frequency 1279MHz. If you are willing to buy this candy, then you must be aware of one thing that, GTX 970 Gaming Gold Edition will be available in the market for the limited time only. So if you like the aesthetic make sure to jump on the card as soon as it’s available.

GTX 970 Gaming Gold Edition

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