We know that apart from Gaming series motherboards and Graphics. MSI is also originated to Gaming Notebooks. They always come with something very powerful in valuable price. The latest news is coming from French website Cowcotland, where they pointed that MSI will soon come with MSI GT80 Titan Gaming laptop. The GT80 is an 18 inch portable notebook with a mechanical keyboard employing Cherry MX Brown switches, which would likely be an industry first. In terms of specifications MSI GT80 Titan would be the most powerful laptop till now in terms of Graphics performance, equipped with GTX 980M SLI.

MSI GT80 Titan: Cherry mechanical keyboard and GTX 980M in SLI

MSI GT80 Titan
MSI GT80 Titan

MSI notebook has not yet officially released the specification, although the NGF meeting had revealed its existence as photos are already leaked.  The 18.4-inch screen, 4.7 kg, 49.1 mm thickness monster notebook, this notebook will directly focus of the Alienware segmentation. If the GTX 980 SLI rumor comes true, then we can say it would be the core competencies of MSI over Alienware.

MSI GT80 ​​Titan one biggest feature is also the Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard. In addition, other specifications include, Intel Core i7-4980HQ Clock frequency of 2.8 and turbo boost upto 4.0GHz, the GTX 980M graphics card in SLI, four SSD up the RIAD 0.

MSI GT80 Titan release date has not been released, the price is unknown, but it would not be cheap. So gamers your kidneys are ready?

MSI GT80 Titan

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