We believe that as a matter of contract not been able to say until they have refused a little, but now it seems MSI has leaked information about the implementation of DirectX 12 in two most anticipated games.

In an “infomercial” brand, which ensure that their boards are the best in the world and will be ready for Windows 10 eludes the fact that new technologies of the new API will be available in the anticipated The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight.

“Windows 10 is coming, but what does that mean for gaming? The part of Windows 10 most exciting for gamers is the introduction of DirectX 12. Surely begin to see the benefits of the new graphics technology already inThe Witcher 3 , Batman: Arkham Knight and more games to be launched later this year. Some demanding games like MMOs CPU may obtain a performance improvement of up to 50%, according to Microsoft, which sounds really epic !. “