MSI’s Graphic Cards lineup consists Lightning, Hawk and Gaming series and to distinguish between them, different colors are incorporated and the Gaming Series is featured with red and black color scheme. Few day’s back we have seen some leaked pictures of MSI GTX 970 Golden Edition. It still features the Twin Frozr V cooler(GTX 980 and GTX 970 was first to use it), but with pure copper, the color is also changed from the typical red and black into a Tyrant gold.

MSI Announces GeForce GTX 970 Golden Edition 4G GAMING

MSI GTX 970 Gaming Gold Edition

Previously we covered more than 3 posts on this Graphics card and today after lots of teaser finally MSI has officially announced it. The GTX 970 Golden Edition GAMING 4G uses the GPU GM204 (Maxwell) with 1664 CUDA Cores at a clock / Boost frequencies of 1165/1317 MHz (vs 1050/1178 MHz for the reference model) 4Gb GDDR5 memory @7010 MHz with 256-bit bus interface.

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and it is found only in some radiators for water cooling systems, so hopefully this chart comes with improved considerably in terms of temperature for the Maxwell GM204 GPU, although, GM204 graphics cards run cooler but this copper radiator will give this card more space in Overclocking conditions. There are three Cooper heat pipes to transfer heat to the fins of the same material forming the radiator, which is cooled by two fans of 100 mm.

MSI GTX 970 Gaming Gold Edition

The physical dimensions of the MSI GeForce GTX 970 Golden Edition GAMING 4G are 267 x 136 x 43mm and the technology which has been implemented on it was previously used in 2008 called Hybrid Frozr to make the card silent when possible.

Till now, MSI has not disclosed the price of it, but it will be available in the market for the limited time only. So if you like the aesthetic make sure to jump on the card as soon as it’s available.

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