The company MSI has released a new version of Afterburner app that allows you to tweak and monitor the performance of graphics cards from AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce.

Highlights of MSI Afterburner 4.1.0 Application:


  • Added a new set of skins from Drerex Design
  • Improved browser skins
  • Improved compatibility layer skins
  • Switching function added color LCD displays Logitech keyboards in text mode
  • Added a silent installation mode
  • RivaTuner Statistics Server updated to version 6.3.0

The MSI Afterburner main job is to Overclocking the GPU clock, shader and memory. Apart from it also adjust the fan speed and voltage control of the graphics card.

An additional advantage is the that it will give you inch by inch monitoring of your Graphics card KIPs, so we know what are the effects of our changes. The program displays information about the state of the GPU core, memory, temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds. It is also worth mentioning that this application supports 3×3 OC Kits cards from MSI Lightning series. So it is possible to control and measurement of three voltages (core, memory, and PCI-Express) and temperature readings of three sensors (core, memory and power supply section).

Information about the accelerator can also display during the game (for OSD) or bar tray. Players should be interested in the function of monitoring the number of frames per second and image recording module (MSI Predator) – also available in the case of unsupported graphics cards.

You can save up to five personal profiles and then switch between them using the keyboard shortcuts. The application supports both NVIDIA GeForce (since 6000) and the AMD Radeon (from HD 2000 series) cards.

Before working with the application, we advise you to read the instruction manual, which is available at this address. Details of the changes to the latest version can be found on this page.