With the advent of Mozilla Firefox 54, this popular web browser is already able to use multiple threads simultaneously, a great step forward for the browser to match its rival Google Chrome, although in both cases, multiprocessing works in a way different.

Mozilla Firefox 54 Now Supports Multiprocessing

In Chrome, each open tab has its own content process. Ten tabs, 10 processes, 100 tabs, 100 processes. This means that, while performance is maximized, a heavy penalty is paid in terms of RAM consumption.

With Mozilla Firefox 54, we can open up to 4 tabs with a process dedicated to each tab, but when we exceed those 4 tabs, the additional tabs open will be executed using threads within these processes, taking advantage of the same scanning engine that is already occupying a space of memory, this allows you to see how Chrome consumes x1.77 times more RAM than Firefox 64 bit, and x2.44 times more than 32 bit.

“While Mozilla’s engineers knew that this new multi-process approach was possible, adapting Firefox to run in multiple processes would require breaking Firefox Add-Ons that depended on a single-process architecture,” he wrote in a Medium post. “Mozilla was reluctant to do this because customizing browser through Add-Ons has always been very popular.” Ryan Pollock, Firefox’s senior marketing manager, writes on Medium. Mozilla’s Project Quantum, created to optimize the browser engine running within a content process, remains in the works.

According to Mozilla, the use of this RAM will not be a problem for the autonomy of the battery.

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