Originally released for iOS in August 2014 and a few months later for Android, SEGA today announced through its YouTube Europe channel that the acclaimed racing game Motorsport Manager will also come to PC  PC, Mac and Linux in September 2016.

Motorsport Manager announced for September 2016 – Screenshots and Trailer

According to Sega, Motorsport Manager is the best experience of detailed management for Motorsport fans. We will hire racers, car engineers and will dive into the dynamic world of motor racing.

We will consider every detail if we have any chance to win the championship. Decisions during the race are combined with the strategy set before it. All contribute to your path to glory or failure, from building and customizing your cars to the tactics of race day.

  • Your drivers have unique personality types. How you get to make the most of them?
  • The location of your seat is essential in this globalized sport. Some pilots will not resist the temptation to join an Italian team …
  • Choose the right people. Find the best professionals worldwide it produces unparalleled satisfaction, especially when you find that wonderful mechanic that allows you to save a few seconds in the pit stops.
  • Factory. Pieces and designs from scratch and then make technology evolve over several seasons to create the perfect driving machine cars.
  • Be proactive. Decide what pieces will go on next year’s car. Get it right and you’ll be in the ideal situation when they start pre-season testing.
  • Pule your expertise. Make detailed mechanical tinkering or choose the recommendations of your team.
  • Weekend. Decide the initial strategy in practice, qualifying and the race, and adjust your tactics depending on what will happening on the road.
  • Climate systems. The climate of the game changes dynamically. Will you come to put intermediate tires or you will try to hold everything possible with the smooth?