A recent report by Analysts company Canalys  has outlined the top smartphone manufacturers in India where the immense popularity of Moto G and Moto E helped motorola to become the 4th largest smartphone brand in India by replacing Nokia. In comparison to Nokia , Motorola has sold more number of smartphones.

In Q1 Nokia shipped 633,720 smartphones whereas Motorola leapfrogged Nokia by shipping  955,650 smartphone.  In Q2 Nokia took a lead over motorola by selling 583,160 smartphones whereas Motorola did 379,310.

Motorola has shipped over 1.33 million smartphones whereas Nokia has shipped 1.12 million in the january through june period. Samsung tops the table by shipping 4,478,170 in Q1 and 4,111,280 in Q2. Micromax saw a marginal increase in its shipments from 2,795,850 units in Q1 to 3,097,010 units in Q2.


Karbonn’s shipments saw a decrement. Though Karbonn is the 3rd largest smartphone in India , but Motorola will give it a tough competetion in near future and maybe Motorola will rank 3rd the next time as the no. of shipments of both the brands is very close and there ain’t much difference

The reason for motorola’s success are its smartphones Moto G and Moto E which offered some splendid specs at a very affordable price. Xiaom’s Mi 3 and Asus ZenFone 5 are giving it  tough competetion by offering better specs at a competetive price.