Every year, we see multiple lists that rank gaming genres in accordance with their popularity among gamers and the rankings do not really change that much. This year, however, things will be a bit different, since at least a few people who had never even crushed candies on their smartphones before, will end up becoming mid-level CS:GO or Fortnite players by the time it’s safe to come out!

That being said, shooters are not topping the list for Aussies this year, and neither are sports games, although both of them are still very popular. So, without further delay, let us now look through the most popular gaming genres to find out which ones should be on top in about two months’ time.

Casino Games on Mobile

Pokies or slots are the most played online games in 2020 for Aussies and there is a very valid reason for that. Mobile games in general enjoy the highest number of players, since nearly everyone has a smartphone. On top of that, most mobile games are free-to-play, and they do not demand unbelievable precision, or machine-like hand-eye coordination to enjoy! These factors naturally make mobile games much more accessible to nearly everyone.

Aussies have always liked pokies and they don’t mind placing a few bets on live sports either. The fact that mobile casinos combine the ease of gaming on a smartphone and enjoying a casino and sports betting experience from anywhere, just makes the genre a winning combination for Australians this year. Many online casinos offer generous welcome bonuses to new players, which has gone a long way towards making them one of the most popular internet pastimes in Australia now. Check out this Wildcard City Casino Review to see what makes a good casino.

Survival/Battle Royale Games

Globally, Fortnite has crushed the competition and even PUBG for the most part this year. Despite a cult following of haters, Fortnite on both Mobile and PC remains on top as the most popular video game of 2020 so far. Some may point to the fact that the developers used celebrity endorsements to stay relevant, but that is a different debate altogether! Aside from Fortnite, other survival/battle royale games that people played a lot in 2020 are Apex Legends and of course, PUBG.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

League of Legends and Defence of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) kept the MOBA genre near the top, with the latter being significantly more popular than the former. If it wasn’t for Fortnite, DOTA 2 would still be topping this list.

Do note that things can and likely will change quite radically during the Holiday season. The release of two major consoles in one year and at roughly the same time is going to have a severe impact on the final list. For the casual gamers though, these releases are not going to matter much, while they have been the most deciding factors in 2020 so far. Things will be getting quite interesting as we keep an eye out to see which genres remain on top and which ones manage to climb back up again.

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