One of the major development from Microsoft was allowing the current gen, the Xbox One owners the access to previous generation games. The Backward Compatibility feature from Microsoft was announced during the E3 event this year and it appears that the feature is in its final phase of completion and will be available very soon.

This feature also allows new Xbox gamers who haven’t played the major titles of the previous generation console as well as the one who had played, can now experience those games again with better visuals. According to Microsoft head of India, Anshu Mor, due to such feature, the Xbox 360 gamers will migrate towards the Xbox One.

“There is a firm believe actually that a lot of people would migrate from the Xbox 360 platform to the Xbox One platform. While this was obviously a global call the whole technology behind putting Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One was just not one country or subsidiary asking…it was literally the whole world asking,”

“But to give you a little insight, throughout last year when we were talking to consumers especially the Xbox 360 fan base, all of them were telling us one concern that we have an investment in games on the Xbox 360 platform and we don’t want to give up that investment. I think we have solved that and those investments that they were talking about the games so we have kind of solved that. With that investment sorted, we do believe that a lot of them will shift this year.” – Microsoft’s Anshu Mor to GamingBolt.

PlayStation 4 owners were also waiting for similar kind feature on their console so they can also get the chance to play some major blockbusters of previous generations, but we haven’t seen any official announcement from Sony Computers Entertainment working on this feature.


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