A Reddit user discovered more details about the Halloween Sale for steam, The leak shows us that the Halloween sale will run from October 30th to November 3rd on Halloween weekend. The games which cost too much to buy will be available for so less in the Upcoming Halloween Sale, and yeah, get ready to buy some great horror games which will not be totally restricted and will be available for very cheap. Now this Halloween may or may not scare you with the horror games it will give for sale, but sure it is going to scare your wallet like very freaking much. Now so you guys better start preparing your wallet because it is going to be all empty on the Steam Halloween sale.

The Reddit user who discovered this is ToraxXx and managed to get all this info for us thanks to him. Well, now it is sure that Valve is giving us the Steam Halloween sale just a few weeks before the Steam Winter Sale, which will again scare your wallets and which might give us games cheaper than Halloween sale that is for sure.

“We’re excited to announce the 2014 Halloween Sale, Which will run during the Halloween weekend from Thursday, October 30th at 10am Pacific until Monday, November 3rd at 10am Pacific,” states the leaked post to developers. We’re inviting any games that fit into the general Halloween theme to participate. If you’re not sure if your game fits that theme, look at how customers have tagged your product. Likely good fits are horror, zombies, ghosts, vampires survival horror, dark and so on.”

Now, seriously, you should prepare your wallets and decide which games you guys will be getting on this sale. But don’t get all your hopes too high because Valve said that those games they won’t see fit will not be on the list. Now you are going to scare people on Halloween or get scared by the games steam will offer on the Halloween Sale?

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