We have all witnessed how the eGaming industry has revolutionized the gaming world. The first casinos were established in the 17th century, and online gambling came into existence in the 1990s on computers. Later on, casino games became available in mobile phones and consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. 

PlayStation and Xbox have become the most promising consoles among users as it creates more and more tournaments. These are not only designed to recruit more players, but also motivating users to play at a more competitive level. It is no surprise that the Xbox gaming console offers casino games as well. But the only problem is that in Xbox casino games, users can’t make real money. This could only happen in the online slots. You can find the best online casino in NZ that offers you to play different games and earn money. This makes online slots completely apart from console games. 

Console Games offered on PlayStation or Xbox vs. online Slots

Both console games and online slots have their pros and cons. The below comparison will show you the real difference between these two. 

  • Since the beginning of the PlayStation and Xbox generation, every game released for these traditional consoles can be digitally downloaded or purchased. Although these titles are playable offline, you can play them online as well. On the other hand, virtual casino games ran on remote servers and streamed to your device. You can earn real money playing these games and can withdraw quickly. There are several fastest payout online casinos in NZ that are included in the virtual casino, such as slots, roulette, blackjack, bingo, and keno. 
  • Another thing lacking in Xbox slot games is the “real money,” as mentioned above. In PlayStation and Xbox, users can play in-game chips and for virtual money, whereas online casinos allow users to earn “real money,” resulting in higher raises and player engagement. Not only this, but some online slot games like Millionaire Genie also features a jackpot of more than $1 million. 
  • The Xbox casino games don’t offer any free spins, mini-games and bonus rounds like online slots. This could be the biggest disappointment for those looking to earn money and get free spins. The Xbox casino games are suitable for those who are just looking to pass their time, but these are not appropriate for those who want to earn money. So, if you want to pay online, you can search for the fastest payout online casino in NZ that not only offers you an opportunity to earn bonuses but also the quickest payout is a plus. 
  • Although Xbox and PlayStation won’t require internet bandwidth every month, it is quite expensive. You have to spend around $200 to $300 to get into console gaming, But with online casinos, you don’t need to invest anything, as these can be played online and most of them are free. 
  • Whether you purchased console games physically or digitally, they involve a bit of waiting. You need to install games before they can be played, and this process can take several hours. On top of this, these games require frequent updates as well, and sometimes they are larger than the original game file. And if you run out of space, you need to delete a game and reinstall it in order to get the updates. But with online casinos, you don’t need to download anything. Just visit a site, register your details, and start playing casinos for real money.
  • Due to the fixed nature of the hardware, mostly the traditional console gaming is restricted to your system. So, after a few years, a new system will be introduced, requiring you to buy another console if you want to play the latest games. On the contrary side, online casinos have to do nothing with system updates. This avoids the hassle for the online gamblers and makes it more appealing to casino enthusiasts. 


Console games offered on PlayStation or Xbox and the traditional online casinos, both are fun. But if you are looking for an online game that allows you to earn money, then an online casino is the right choice. 

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