Michael Darby has managed to run the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in a modified Game Boy, which integrates a Raspberry Pi Zero W, although there is a little hidden trick to it.

The best thing you have at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds today is that you can play on less powerful computers, gaming systems, even with outdated graphics cards. Graphical optimization is an important factor in this game, so much so that they have broken a new barrier of this game. The user Michael Darby has modified a Game Boy to be able to run PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but of course, the hardware has been modified, specifically , Raspberry Pi has been installed to be able to run this game.

Obviously the original hardware of the Game Boy will never be able to run this game. The process is based on the modification of the system, removing the original hardware and installing a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Basically, the hardware and internal design have been modified to install the Pi Zero W, a LiPo battery and a small TFT screen. He also added the necessary buttons for the control of the game through the GPIO pins and in addition, developed a script in base Python. At the end of this story, we will put a link so that you can have access to the script and the process and necessary materials.

Now it’s time to reveal the interesting hidden trick. The game is not running directly on the device, it actually runs on a full computer and streamed using NVIDIA’s Moonlight streaming technology. The screen has a resolution of 800 × 600 with a rate of 30FPS, offering a different gaming experience, although, we must highlight a problem, there is no sound. No doubt this is an ingenious and fun solution, which allows us to play this game anywhere. [Link to script and data].

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