Gameloft’s FPS Masterpiece Modern Combat 5 has been hanging for several weeks, a “coming soon” teaser is always teasing their fans.

Today finally a  good news comes from Gameloft’s official Twitter account, Gameloft announced that “Modern Combat 5” will be officially launched on July 24, will be landing for iOS and Android platforms. Since it has been officially announced, it would not be bounced, we can wait for the game shelves. In “Modern Combat 5” famous maps included like Venice from Italy, Tokyo from Japan and many more. Players will be playing as a Counter-terrorism Officer Phoenix, and well-equipped terrorists launched a desperate struggle to prevent harm to the world with weapons of mass destruction.

Modern Combat 5 is coming in july


War scenes and physical effects of the game will be more realistic  and equipped with rich texture,  the game uses a space ambient occlusion technology that can be used to enhance the depth of the game screen items, highlighting the environmental detail. Multiplayer has always been the highlight of this game. It is reported that the multiplayer mode for up to 12 people will be able to play simultaneously, including Capture the Flag, rescue, team battle and other models.

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