DICE confirmed that Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will have a multiplayer component, but so far not been detailed, and touched the own general manager Patrick Bach unravel the mystery.

“We asynchronous multiplayer game… an asynchronous connection component where your actions are going to affect my world,” said Bach. He cited as an example, one of the objectives of the campaign where Faith must hack a neon sign to eliminate the presence of corporate advertising in the city of Glass. In doing so, all our posters hacked may also appear in the games of our friends, as if it were a persistent online world. Also, we will create a ranking Dash race with times of all we have on our list.

“The players do not always have time to play together at the same time, especially if they are not in the same place,” says Bach. “But when I play my game, your game should affect mine. “The team of Mirror’s Edge discussed about a synchronized multiplayer, with players in the same game, but did not reach much:

“We talked about what would happen if we put other players in your world. Well, probably it is full of idiots. The ‘trolling’ is a big part of the gaming community. For some it is very funny, for others it is not. We try to separate it and you got people that you want in your world, but may not bother you. They can only affect it. “

In our platform, we are skeptical for a reason, and rarely make mistakes. This is, again, a DRM undercover. If you do not want random to get into our games, long ago they were invented closed or “Friends-only”.

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