PS4 and Xbox One versions of Minecraft are really close, 4J studios, the developers of Minecraft said in a tweet that Minecraft has been updated and handed over to Microsoft.
This was not officially announced, but there has been a lot about Minecraft’s next-Gen versions on twitter.

 Minecraft Updates and Upgrades


There was a bit trouble with the development. 4J handed the PS4 version to Sony on August 12 but Sony rejected it and some issues in the game were supposed to be fixed. The big addition in these new versions is the addition of transferring saves, which can be made if you have the latest update installed on your Minecraft on Xbox 360 or PS4, which was released 3 days ago, Because the players didn’t want to lose their work and effort which they made in game while changing platform. So you can save your game in a cloud and that cloud can be accessed from any other platform on which you can download the save and continue building.
It was also said on a blog that “Xbox One version will have greater worlds and massive maps than the Xbox 360 version ,but not as big as compared to the PC version and all the features of Xbox 360 version will be included in it.




PS4 and Xbox One, both the editions will cost $19.99 and players can upgrade from Xbox 360 to Xbox One at a price of $4.99 while $.99 for PS3 to PS4 upgrade.
Although the release date is not announced, but it may come in the end of September

Other news for minecraft fans is that doctor who skin pack for Xbox 360 is expected in September. It will be available only on Xbox. The DLC was announced 3 days ago when the BBC and Microsoft made a deal.




There will be a series of Doctor who Packs and the first one will include 5 doctors.
Players will be able to access alot of doctor who content, but sadly, players of Minecraft on other platform will not be able to play it.
The pack will be available for a price of $2.99.

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