Mojang the brains and hands behind the one of the greatest games Minecraft,Is sold to Microsoft for $2.5 billion dollars,as mojang joins the Xbox studios it is not yet finished, Minecraft it very popular and every gamer and one point of it and ultimately played this game,It is in more than millions of PCs.It proved itself a very hard competitor to other big games.So it is likely not gonna end.

Minecraft maker Mojang will be brought by Microsoft for 2.5 billion and notch left

To be honest every Minecraft fans,are like crying now are scared,while others are only scared a little but the owner of Majang still think it will remains big as it was before and hopes to see Minecraft widely available as it is now.Apart form that the game will be continue to available on platforms it is on today.Microsoft plans on competing PlayStation,smart move but they can compete if they wont screw it up.
The CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella also think it is a smart move,and also thinks that the company is currently on cross-platform services,and BOOM! Minecraft if the best choice here.Microsoft is also lacking it’s cross-platform credentials in the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 modern UI,but will soon see it in there.
Apart form all this the creator of Minecraft and Mojang co-founder,Markus”Notch”Persson left maybe they could not stand Microsoft buying Mojang.There’s been a previous argument with Microsoft,Notch had when he said ”stop trying to ruin the PC as an open platform,anyway eventually he still worked for Xbox team to bring Minecraft to Xbox One in September.
He also gave up Minecraft active development some time ago and but still being a creator of such a great game,that he is still in publicly to the game’s development,he said in his personal site.He also said he wants to be a “nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter” well that’s funny but he cant because he said his notoriety had turned him into a symbol for Minecraft.

markus notch persson

“As soon as this deal is finalized, I will leave Mojang and go back to doing Ludum Dares and small web experiments,” Persson said. “If I ever accidentally make something that seems to gain traction, I’ll probably abandon it immediately.”
Again back to Minecraft,Microsoft expect a ”richer and faster worlds, more powerful development tools, and more opportunities to connect across the Minecraft community” By using its could expertise.

Mojang will receives its regulatory approval before then end of 2014.

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