Ubisoft announced that those who have made the Pre-purchase of Might & Magic Heroes VII, will have access to the closed beta which starts on May 26 and end on June 8. Participants will explore and fight at your own pace, against the AI or challenge other players online. In the closed beta Heroes of Might & Magic VII we can play with up to 4 players simultaneously on both computers.

The beta will give players the opportunity to discover the unique units, gameplay experience with new characters, explore two new maps, The Dried Lands and The Bad Neighbors, harvest, expand your cities, recruit armies and develop your skills, in an effort to surround his opponent empire.

The combination of a deep fantasy universe with a complete strategic expertise, gives us a rich RPG theme as well as an interesting story.

While there is no maximum level established for this, players will have limited access to content until 8 June. Might & Magic Heroes VII will be available exclusively for PC in September 2015.