As promised with the trailer and the teaser anticipating this same video, Warner Bros. presents the first gameplay demo of the highly anticipated Middle-Earth: Shadow of War in an alpha version that looks really advanced, and raises the expectations at unsuspected levels.

The mechanics of gameplay and the graphics engine feel familiar with respect to the first installment of the series, but apparently, the Nemesis mode has reached a new level, where we aren’t only facing a prominent enemy that acquires personality according to our Confrontations, but now we will command our own army to confront opponents and capture strategic points on a huge map.

Of course, because it is a much more modern delivery, the number of characters on screen and effects has been substantially expanded, as well as the movements that will offer Talion and its spiritual counterpart. Also the nemesis seems to have evolved and are concentrated even more in small corners of the map. The result is spectacular

Without more words, below you can watch the 16 minutes gameplay of Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will arrive on the PC and next-generation consoles on August 22. Warner Bros. had also unveiled the system requirements make sure to check out on this link.

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