Middle Earth: Shadow of War is an upcoming action, role playing game set for launch on Tuesday and we have some news related to the game’s huge size which must be freed by PC players before it launches next week.

According to the reports, the new action-role playing game Middle Earth: Shadow of War will require about 97.7 GB of disk space on PC to download and install the game. That’s a massive amount of disk space for a game and lately we have seen many games demanding such big space, which is mainly due to heavy texture files to run games at 4K resolution.

The massive download size was disclosed by IGN Editor Dan Stapleton on Twitter with a screenshot from Steam. In another tweet, he also mentioned download size of PS4 Pro, which is 69.93 GB. The reason behind difference between two platforms can be due to the ultra HD 4K textures.

We have seen increase in game download sizes and it shows no sign of stopping. These are quite big and specially difficult for people with slow internet connection as they must start pre-loading the game from today to enjoy the game on the day it launches (if they pre-ordered the base game).

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Middle Earth: Shadow of War is set for launch on October 10th, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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