Industry events and conventions such as San Diego Comic Con are not simply an opportunity to Google on our favorite games, but additionally for industry professionals of all affiliations to meet up with and exchange suggestions, as well as to play with each other’s games and consoles.

Would you be aware of when Sony Worldwide Studios CEO Shuhei Yoshida examined Hololens at E3? Yesterday’s Microsoft Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb went back the favor at SDCC, went back the favor.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson and Sony’s Adam Boyes Show How Fans of Rival Consoles Should Behave

However it does not end there. Hryb was spotted on camera by Reddit client falconbox gladly playing with Sony’s VP of Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes.

Hryb also explained the situation:

“This was at a Disney Infinity event at Comic Con. We were playing a kart style racing game.
Did I mention I won ? :)”

“It was a fun event ! Regarding fanboyism – this industry (and the world) is what we make it. Why make it filled with hate or anger? Let’s just play some games, have some laughs and a whole lot of fun.”

He then went on to mention what the two have in common:

“What we do have in common though is our love of games and interactive story telling.”

That led to a question from a fan on whether he liked The Last of Us:

“It was a very well done title. Yes.”

As typical, industry professionals indicate that working on rival consoles does not mean staring one another down from reverse trenches. Perhaps gamers must understand their examples.