Soon after the release of Windows 10, Microsoft was noticed for its efforts to unite Xbox One and Windows 10 PC gamers through various features and announcements such as Cross-Platform play, Cross-Buy support and the new feature called Xbox Play Anywhere which was announced by the company this year during its E3 press conference.

First, it started with the Rocket League and then Gears of War, Forza and many other titles announced by Microsoft, which will be playable on both of its devices, Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs and from the ongoing strategy of the company, it seems that there would be hardly any gap left between the two platforms.

However, during Sony’s Invester Day, President Andrew House during his interview was asked that whether the unification of Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs posses any threat for the console and also, will that effect Sony’s strategy towards the PlayStation.

The President House replied that the company won’t change its strategy for its console following the attempts of Microsoft and will depend upon the ‘large consumer demand’. He said;

“I always hesitate to be drawn into discussions on someone else’s strategy. I’m more than happy to talk about our own strategy… Yeah, there was a big emphasis from the folks at Microsoft on Xbox and PC cross-play. It remains to be seen on whether there is a latent large consumer demand for that.

But we don’t see it as really effecting or prompting any changes in our thought process and strategy. We have always tended to believe that a proprietary ecosystem offering a very well crafted unified client experience is the way to go, and that sort of remains our strategy.”

Earlier this year, Microsoft sent invitation to the Sony to work for the cross-network play support between Windows 10 PCs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so that the players of the different platform can play against each other in a single game but Sony didn’t respond with its direct intention for the support.

Via: Dual Shockers