Over the weekend, Microsoft and Dolby Laboratories announced that Dolby audio will become part of the Windows 10 operating system, means Windows 10 operating systems can natively play Dobly Audio. Apart from this, Windows 10 will also support 3D printing outside, another gratifying initiative.

Microsoft Windows 10 natively supports Dolby Audio


The PCs equipped with a Microsoft OS, tablet and other devices will be able to play Dolby 10 high-quality audio, including support for Dolby Audio Plus and so on. While Microsoft in the press release did not mention the smartphones, but support is certainly no problem.

Dobly Audio is widely used, it provides a clear recording, rich detail in power, TV shows and other video and so on, has become an industry standard. Microsoft and Dolby collaboration will undoubtedly be a powerful combination, Microsoft said it will provide an open API interface available to developers. In addition, the EDGE new browser also native integration Dobly Audio technology, perfectly support playback Dobly Audio.