Of the best things that left us this E3 were the announcements of Microsoft on the arrival of two highly anticipated franchises for the PC platform with Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Killer Instinct, exclusive to Windows 10.

Microsoft will announce more Titles from Xbox One for Windows 10 in Coming months


We believe that many of us still are not convinced of the new intentions of Microsoft, so we remain skeptical until they start to fulfill the promises. Although it seems that those games will not be all you’re going to get. According to Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda, the company will announce several more PC games in the coming months. He mentioned it to the site MaximumPCMag when asked about new versions of Tomb Raider and Halo collection.

“You know I cannot make any announcement about that today, but it is certain that there will be more, you know, many more announcements to come as we approach the Gamescom.”

So far, only three games have been announced Xbox One PC. We Fable Legends and the two mentioned above, all unique to the new operating system with support for DirectX 12 and cross-play with the console.

We can speculate that the next announcements will be simultaneous launches of quantum break, Scalebound or Crackdown. Or confirmation of Halo 5, Gears 4 for the Master Race. Just hope they do not end up announcing something like the new generation of Pinball or Minesweeper 3D. So folks, it’s time for words from you, place your bets.