Just about 20 years of Internet Explorer survival, Microsoft might atlast be putting the huge blue E out to pasture.

Microsoft To Replace Internet Explorer With Spartan In Windows 10:

Another program, codenamed Spartan, is consistently under progress by Microsoft to launch with Windows 10, Zdnet reports.

As indicated by numerous sources from the report, the program will look and act more like Chrome and Firefox, two contenders that have taken an enormous lump of clients from Microsoft throughout the most recent decade. Spartan will support a large variety of extensions and expected to be a significantly more lightweight than Internet Explorer.

At the point when Internet Explorer first unveiled in 1995, it soars to in excess of 90 percent market share. Even in 2009 70% of web users were using Internet Explorer. However, since Google Chrome release everything changed all users jumped to chrome. As per the browser stats in November 2014 Google Chrome topped the list with 60.1% users, Firefox on second with 23.4%, Internet Explorer 9.8% and other browsers holds just 6.7%.
Soon we will not be able to see Internet Explorer, which is the best browser to download another browser (just kidding). RIP Internet Explorer 1995-2015 and say hello to Spartan, Let’s see what it will bring new to us.
Windows 10, with its new browser Spartan, is planned to be launched in 2015.

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