A couple of weeks ago, game designer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds confirmed the Xbox One version of the title which will be released via Early preview program later this year. And today, we have some more updates related to the game’s exclusivity on the green console.

According to the report published by Bloomberg, Microsoft’s Xbox division is in talks with the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the purpose to extends game’s exclusivity period on the Xbox One. The report doesn’t claim any specific time duration of how much longer the exclusivity deal will exist but looking at the previous timely exclusive deals, one can conclude that these deals usually last for about three months.

However, Microsoft hasn’t made any official statement and responded that they don’t have anything to confirm at the moment.

“Right now, the team is solely focused on bringing the best game possible to Xbox One and PC. We have nothing further to announce at this time.”

As we can see that Microsoft’s spokesperson haven’t made any affirmative statement regarding the matter but reports suggest that Bluehole is likely to extend the game’s exclusivity duration for the Xbox One. Whatever they have agreed upon, we’ll surely get to know in the coming weeks.

PUBG is available for PC via Steam for almost 7 months and made some great records in terms of more number of concurrent players despite the fact that it is playable from Early Access feature. The game is said to be in final shape in the starting months of 2018 but it had successfully managed to sell over 10 million units already.

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There is no release date for the Xbox One version yet and last week, it was confirmed that the studio is also working on PS4 version of the game. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: Bloomberg

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