The 'Holoportation' is a new class of technology in three dimensions that serve to live broadcast the virtual model of a person anywhere in the world.

Researchers and programmers at Microsoft have managed to create something that until now was forbidden to the realm of science fiction: a system of Holograms for relaying virtual three – dimensional models of people moving and talking in real time that lets you communicate with anyone anywhere on the planet.

Microsoft’s ‘Holoportation‘ with HoloLens is blowing my mind

Developed by the team intereactive 3D Technologies, Holoportation is based on Augmented Reality, a technology that mixes reality and virtual through the vision of a technological device.  In the test Microsoft shows, HoloLens are needed for Holoportation, so if both partners are wearing it, they can see each other and interact with each other.

The Holoportation seems to have been inspired by the holograms classic movie that appeared in the films of George Lucas ‘Star Wars’ in 1977, but for now, current technology does not allow to see the holograms without special glasses, as in the movies. Will the giants companies will implement an augmented reality device in the eye or the brain? The future will tell.

The setup is in an incredibly controlled environment (the remote location and where the video hosted by Microsoft Research’s Shahram Izadai are laid out pretty similarly), but it definitely shows the potential of using the device as a means of long-distance communication. You can even record a portion of a Holoportation session and play it back, shrinking it down to size to fit on your coffee table. It’s pretty neat! But it’s still incredibly early.

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