Microsoft recently performed a test showing running time of different Windows based laptops, working with four different browsers and shows how Google Chrome is draining out the batteries of laptops.

Though, there are hundred thousands of users of the Google Chrome using the Chrome on regular basis due to its fast speed. Anyhow, Microsoft recently performed battery tests and concludes that Laptops running on Microsoft Edge browsers actually lasts 70% more as compared with the one running Chrome.

During the test, the laptops were running like normal days usage such as browsing, scrolling through blogs and articles, and streaming videos. Microsoft through its test tried to prove that its new browser Edge is the most efficient as compared with others.

Here’s a test video which Microsoft posted on its blog;

It also posted an benchmark result average power consumption of the three browsers, i.e, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

browser power consumption

“As you have probably seen, we’ve made significant improvements to power consumption in the past few releases, and it’s an area of continued focus and investment. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve made a 33% improvement in video playback GPU/CPU power consumption on Windows 10. And by Chrome 53, we feel confident that we’ll be at parity with other browsers in terms of power consumption for the majority of video playback on the Internet.” said a Google’s representative in a recent interview.

Source: Fortune

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