PS4 and Xbox One are two giant Consoles of Current-Generation in Gaming and difference comes in Hardware perimeters, Executive at Microsoft’s argument is that the difference between the hardware of PS4 and Xbox is “Very Small”. Microsoft Australia Zone Alan Bowman President of retail and promotional give this statement, When he is giving the answers on the topic of Future of Xbox One to media.

Bowman said: “For this game generation, we are confident that we have a unique and valuable proposition, if the pure sense of the parameters from the hardware point of view, this gap is very small; Our proposition may be subject to rigorous. protesters, but I think that this difference depends on the game and you will see the great exclusive games on Xbox One”


Commenting on the global market areas with limited Xbox One problem is, Bowman added:. “We hope to push the more the market – this is a global business – but it is also a long-term business in the coming year We will enter more orderly market. “