Advanced Micro Devices or AMD had been a victim of many kinds rumors surrounding it’s top level management and future market position. We have seen some reports claiming that the company may go bankrupt in coming years or one of the leading IT company will acquire the AMD in coming years. This is the second time we are witnessing the rumors suggesting that the IT giant, Microsoft is willing to buy Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

We have been reading that the companies like Samsung, Apple and similar ones are interested in acquiring the struggling, AMD. The company has been manufacturing micro-processors and graphics processing units for PC as well as few related devicesfor many years. But the main rivals of the company, i.e. Intel and NVIDIA are enjoying more market share and customer preference than AMD.

Unfortunately, things are not really going well on the AMD’s side. Though they tried to come up with something new (Mantle, driver support), but couldn’t succeed. There could be many internal and external reasons of the failure, but if these circumstances for the company continues, the future outcomes for the company is not bright.

Some reports suggest that if Microsoft really acquires the AMD in coming months, it wouldn’t be good for the company as it’s mostly mostly focused at software level while after the acquisition, Microsoft would have to start preparing hardware devices and enter the market of competition with Intel and NVIDIA, which they haven’t even experienced before. But it would also enable the company to make the hardware capable of utilizing the full potential for its other devices i.e., Windows Phone, Xbox.