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Microsoft revealed the all new Windows 10

Microsoft revealed the all new Windows 10

Well, Microsoft just revealed an operating system or you can also say the Windows 10. We will see many changes in this operating system or Windows 10 but the familiar start menu returns the announcement also covered some terms in the enterprise customers, general consumers and it is a single family product. The windows 10 looks like a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8. While the search function is similar to Windows 8 Modern UI which will reveal apps, files and web results. In terms of look it is again similar to Windows 8. Well the Windows 8-style apps only can be used at full-screen or within the confines of “snapped” windows, but the Windows 10 let us windowed them and make it more comfortable.

Task views which helps us in a series of small desktop views you can see them in the bottom of the screen, then the larger previews shown at in the middle of the display it is a new multi-tasking feature which is quite similar to what we saw on the other platforms. Then there is ”Snap Assist” function which will help you to select and move app form different desktops which is pretty useful for the power users.

Users love windows 7 start menu, but Microsoft will now introduce a different version of it using the touch screen computers. The small menu, which consists of a bunch of tech and small Live Tiles will be removed and the touch users will get the treatment of something which kinda resembles the Windows 8 Modern UI but still in the traditional desktop. It seems like Microsoft is putting their best to combine the two distinct interfaces into one for all users to enjoy.

You can get the early version of Windows 10 with the Windows Insider Program, which Microsoft will be launching tomorrow, you will get to see a preview for both laptops and desktops. Microsoft will discuss more about this in the first quarter of 2015. Maybe the reason behind Windows 8 users getting Windows 9 free is due to the coming of Windows 10.

Windows 10 will launch next year.