Two of the largest companies in the console gaming sector recently positioned to bring 4k gaming. Sony announced the upcoming arrival of a new “high end” PlayStation 4 that would coexist with the current PS4 and also Project Scorpio, referred to a future console of Microsoft.

Microsoft is ‘really serious’ about 4K gaming on Scorpio

Project Scorpio

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During the announcement of the Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said that the future console has objective to offer “real 4k gaming experience”. Since then much has been speculated that the self-imposed goal of Microsoft is attainable or not, but without any doubt the company reaffirms its conviction about it.

In an interview this week with the TXR Podcast (via DualShockers), Aaron Greenberg, one of the leaders of the Xbox division, talked a little more about Scorpio. In the words of Greenberg, it is a “really exciting project” which already has strong support in the development of their partners. As he himself indicates, the Xbox team morale has never been so good and the company is fully committed to bring 4K gaming on its new platform.

However, we are still missing a lot of information about this project that has not been publicly addressed at the moment, but we will be learning more about Scorpio later on next year, prior to its holiday 2017 launch.

Clearly, Microsoft wants to generate the highest possible expectation about Scorpio before official launch, so we have to wait for a long time to see if 4k gaming on console promise is true or not.

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