Microsoft through its recent actions made ​​the players don’t talk about it, particularly often, especially in the context of the company providing them with new titles. Despite this, it has under its wings for some suggestions, many of which would have surely reminded himself cannot be excluded that this will soon be a bargain.

Recent reports say the fact that we are working on the next installment of the series Age of Empires. This probably does not need to present, because although it had good and bad moments it is still appreciated by many. The final part of this strategic cycle already debuted quite a few years ago, so it would be nice to play in the new part.

But how about the ongoing work? Microsoft Game Studios has posted a job ad, which shows that they are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who will work on “a new installment of the beloved series of strategy games.”

The work dealt with by studio Decisive Games. The game would appear on the PC and Xbox. We are waiting for confirmation of these undoubtedly interesting information.

Source: VG247

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