PlayStation 4 already at launch has been cheaper than competing Xbox One and only dispense with the obligatory Kinect. But it seems like this was not enough and few days back Sony has officially lowered the price of the Playstation 4 in USA. Now its turn for Microsoft to lower the price of Xbox One to the level of Sony hardware.

Microsoft Xbox One Price Drop Now Official


In the case of Microsoft, there were no reductions separation into individual regions of the world, so the Poles do not have to wait until lower prices will come into our country. Instead, Microsoft has just officially announced that it has decided to reduce the price for each console version, which means that retailers have to sell it in the fixed amount. As you might guess, this effect is directly related to the movement of Sony, but can also be assumed that not without significance as Christmas is approaching, which for many companies represent a significant increase in sales.

According to the Polish branch of Microsoft, reduction applies only to consoles without Kinect, and I believe this information should not disturb too many people. While changes were suggested to the price of the console itself and packets games. For now we can say that a console package with a 1 TB drive and the game will cost you as much as before for a console with HDD of 500GB. It should also be noted that talking about the maximum prices that can be further reduced by the individual stores. It can be assumed that soon – as in the case of a reduction in the PlayStation 4 – special promotions will appear on the Xbox One.

Source: Microsoft