Microsoft is trying to make the Windows 10 for all platforms in a good way that no one can excuse the lack of compatibility and all will be well integrated. As the whole platform is Microsoft’s ultimate goal (one), as Nadella put it, “Windows 10 can run on any device”, PC, tablet, mobile phones, Xbox and other platforms, an application store, seamless connections, especially for tablets and mobile phones can still use and PC, the same application Xbox, in addition, Microsoft at the event also announced the integration of Windows 10 with Xbox Live, whereby the PC games and Xbox games get through, which is quite strong ah. Also allowing you to view your games collection and chat with people on Xbox Live.

On the other side of note we have an expensive feature for showcase namely Game DVR. With the help of this you can asses to share, comment on the Xbox app. For “any Windows game,” even older titles played through Steam, you can save gameplay clips by using the Windows + G command.

Microsoft officially announces Xbox app for Windows 10 with Game DVR

Pictures Courtesy: the vegre



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