Microsoft repeatedly boasted back to the Start menu, and we are dealing with it in the new system of Windows 10. It turns out that there is a tested function that is associated with this particular element of the system.

Persons participating in the Windows Insider has been made available in recent days, another compilation system. Build 10565, and with the question to bring new elements to a start menu. There are suggestions that the applications from the manufacturer, which is of course nothing but a nicer term for advertising will be we showcase in the start menu.

The subject is not new, since it was first raised a few weeks ago. Now, however, the manufacturer has decided to check on users of Windows Insider, whether this has any meaning. The aim is naturally to encourage clicks and perhaps possible purchase of promoted applications and games, but everything is to be effected in the least invasive manner.


The ads appear in suggesting block. It is necessary and it should be mentioned, however, you can also turn it off easily.


Let’s see if this solution will go to a wider audience. You can probably assume, because it is difficult to imagine a situation in order to have the tests ended. It appears that such a solution would not be particularly troublesome.

What do you think about this idea of the manufacturer?